MOST OF US AT THE WESSEX MUSE, being artists ourselves, feel that creativity in the local area is somewhat underexposed. Our research tells us that the vast majority of people wish to hear more about what is going on culturally. They are in the dark to a greater or lesser degree about all the varied and interesting exhibitions, galleries, venues, and performances that are available to them, not to mention the vast array of educational opportunities for people to expand their own creativity and aesthetic aspirations.

The Wessex Muse Magazine is therefore committed to giving the work of local creative talent of any genre more exposure, thereby assisting them to flourish and so inject greater aesthetic value into the region. By working alongside local bodies and artists it furnishes people in the area with an alternative to the mainstream and provides an antidote for those who feel disenfranchised by any shallow and uncultured entertainment currently on offer.

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Taking designer makers to the buyers:

The Wessex Muse magazine is proud to sponsor Select @ Bath at the Assembly Rooms, Bath 28th – 29th April.

Muse Platform is a free one day multi-arts event, taking place on Saturday 19th April. It will be held at Aruba, one of Bournemouth newest venues, on the Pier Approach.